After nearly 18 successful years,
GLOMIDCO evolves into GLO Integration
and continues to share its passion for IT integration with the world.

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Na bijna 18 succesvolle jaren,
evolueert GLOMIDCO naar GLO Integration
en blijft haar passie voor IT integratie delen met de wereld.

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about us


GLOMIDCO consists out of a large team of driven integration specialists. We thrive because of our outstanding ability to enhance customers’ IT and business agility through both high-level business knowledge as well as deep technical expertise. We support our consultants in each of their development paths, as continuous learning is one of our key values. After more than 18 years in the field of IT integration, we are proud to have grown into the GLOMIDCO that we are today.




Service Oriented Architecture

SOA starts with a simple idea – the concept of service. This makes it possible to introduce other ideas, such as an enterprise service bus, which can be applied to the architecture of an enterprise to deliver benefits. As a SOA expert, it is our job to evaluate the needs of your enterprise, and the costs of the different potential solutions, to determine which of these ideas should be applied, and how they should be applied, in your Service-Oriented Architecture.

Api Connectivity

New technologies – SaaS, mobile, and the Internet of Things (IoT) – demand a new level of connectivity that cannot be achieved with yesterday’s integration approaches. As a preferred partner of MuleSoft, we help you to adopt an API-led connectivity approach that packages underlying connectivity and orchestration services as easily discoverable and reusable building blocks, exposed by APIs, to achieve both greater organizational agility and IT capabilities.

Cloud Integration

Within contemporary organizations, Gartner says, out of every six euro, one euro is spent on SaaS solutions. With the growth of these second-speed applications, organizations become increasingly demanding of SaaS’ capability to integrate with their existing (legacy) systems. Our experts can drive new business by enabling SaaS providers to build and offer repeatable integration apps that connect to any application, either on-premises or in the cloud. In this way SaaS providers will be able to offer integration with their product and integrate with the customer within a matter of days.

Standard Business Reporting

Our Standard Business Reporting experts recognize the need for increased transparency, efficiency and accuracy in financial reporting. Companies, investors, analysts, financial institutions, regulators, and all users of financial business information will be interested in eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), as the technology greatly increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the recording and transferring of financial data. Our XBRL solution adds significant value in four key areas, namely: transparency, compliance, continuous auditing and governance




Our strong team of experienced, professional and customer-oriented integration consultants provides top enterprises in The Netherlands with expertise within complex IT integration projects. Each of our consultants is a valued conversation partner, who proactively matches our customers’ pace of thinking, before leading the customer to the best solution for the challenge at hand.

We are convinced that achieving success in an integration project is determined by the right knowledge and experience in the project team in every phase of the project. Our integration specialists can take on the role of architects, designers, developers and administrators, depending on the kind of expertise that your organization needs.


Our R&D department is constantly innovating towards the needs of the market. Currently we are working on our Standard Business Reporting (SBR) solution to facilitate the challenges that financial institutions encounter that are related to XBRL For more information about our solution and thoughts on standard business reporting, please reach out to us!

Project Management

As the expertise within our organization reaches across many levels of middleware/integration knowledge, our project management team leads and delivers customers’ integration projects at a high level of technical quality, while ensuring the achievement of business goals. Our team is experienced in implementing integration environments from the ground up, with excellent skills in defining technical requirements, prioritizing tasks, active project monitoring, change management, leading to goal-oriented outcomes. With the passion that we all share for integration, celebrating each successful project is part of our way of working!







We are vendor neutral and employ a conceptual approach to middleware founded on solid technical understanding of integration standards and patterns. Our consultants have one or more product specializations with relevant certifications. Software vendors. Our consultants are specialized in various integration platforms of the most renowned middleware vendors, namely: Tibco BusinessWorks (BW) Tibco AMX, MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform, Software AG webMethods, Sonic ESB/MQ, IBM WTX, Fiorano